Who is the Thoughtful Forager?

The Thoughtful Forager travels the length and breadth of the UK, seeking the best craft beers and ciders, created by the most passionate independent producers.
In partnership with SIBA (Society of Independent Brewers), the Forager discovered a broad selection of incredible flavours all of them celebrated with highly prestigious SIBA awards, making them the very best beers in the country.

Whilst searching the rolling orchards of Herefordshire, the Forager discovered the very best craft ciders, produced on a family farm by award winning ‘Celtic Marches’.

The Thoughtful Forager seeks to guide journeys of discovery into the world of craft beer and cider. Cutting through the confusing names, varieties and ingredients. Instead, providing easy access to the very best that producers have to offer, so that every person can begin their own craft adventure.

New flavour discoveries

Our revolutionary brand brings the world of craft beer and cider to a new audience. Helping consumers discover new brewers, new flavours and new favourites. Our range is packed with variety, from Lager to Cider, Stout to Sour and much more. Each is a genuine craft beverage, created by real independent brewers at the highest level of quality, each beer is an established award-winner.


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