Thoughtful Forager products are clearly labelled with a comprehensive list of ingredients and dietary requirements. Individual items are also specifically labelled Vegetarian and Gluten Free if appropriate to help to give you a general overview before you purchase.

Additional allergens will also be mentioned where necessary.



Although many of our products do not use nuts in their recipes, there are a small number of products that do, these products are clearly labelled. Where there is a potential risk of cross contamination this is also stated on the label.


We offer a number of products which are gluten free. However, we would always recommend reading the online product information carefully.


Whilst we do not have a specific range of vegetarian products, we do have a substantial selection available.

All labels will be clearly marked and our concise ingredient listings should also help vegans to make an informed decision before purchasing.


We would always recommend checking with us if you have specific dietary requirements before purchasing online. See our Contact Us section for details on how to get in touch.


Please do not hesitate to Contact Us if you have any particular concerns before purchasing – whether it’s to check specific ingredients and allergens or for advice regarding suitable gifts.


We are always happy to help.


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